Innovative and Bespoke Commercial Flood Mitigation
to Deliver Effective Business Continuity

We are committed to developing a cost effective solution to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

The Flood Company has extensive experience in delivering major contracts to protect businesses and commercial premises in the UK. Working in partnership with architects, civil engineers and building contractors, we deliver innovative and high quality flood defences. 

Commercial Flood Mitigation

A flood event can cause massive disruption to a business; therefore business continuity is crucial to our customers. Our commercial flood mitigation solutions are aimed at minimising the impact so you can keep your business running and avoid potentially fatal closures.

Our clients recognise our professionalism, and commitment to delivering the right and most cost effective solution. We are highly experienced developing bespoke solutions, and our team of engineers, project managers and designers work with clients in a range of industries to deliver flood mitigation solutions.

We understand the importance of communication with clients, so our team work with you from initial survey to testing and implementation, helping ensure an efficient and effective solution. Our process for working with you is:


Our highly experience surveyors meet with you at the site to conduct a full flood survey which will explore any potential issues. The report will detail the areas of risk to the property, and recommend cost effective bespoke solutions to meet the sites requirements based on the risk report and location.



Design & Innovate

The Flood Company will design and manufacture your bespoke solution. If required, we will innovate a completely new solution to fit your budget and requirements. Our engineers and project managers will work with your architects and builders so everyone has a complete understanding of the project.


We take pride in the quality of the solutions we deliver our clients, so we test all products to ensure they are of the highest quality and in optimal condition when installed.



Installation & Project Management

A project manager will be on site to manage the process from start to finish. Our installation team are highly experience and professional, ensuring minimal impact to your business during the installation.

Training & Maintenance

Our team will educate your employees to understand all the products installed so they can be optimally deployed. Annual maintenance of flood mitigation products ensures they last a lifetime and they are fit for purpose when called upon. We offer an annual maintenance plan with all installations, and strongly advise customers to make sure the products are maintained to a high standard.


Commercial Flood Mitigation Products

The Flood Company can install passive and reactive flood defence products depending on your requirements. We have worked with a range of customers to deliver automatic gates, innovative panel systems and steel doors, as well as the traditional aluminium flood barriers.

We are committed to the highest quality flood mitigation products, and that is why we chose the Buffalo Flood Systems range. Click the links below to see more information on the type of commercial flood products The Flood Company can install:

  • Buffalo Barrier
  • Buffalo Heavy Duty Barrier
  • Buffalo Panels
  • Buffalo Steel Door
  • Buffalo Gate

N.B. Buildings often have several areas of potential flooding, and therefore a combination of commercial flood products is usually required.

See our Case Studies here for examples of our work.

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