The purpose of non return valve is to prevent the backflow of sewage from the drainage system. The common outlet pipe for homes in the UK is 110mm. As every property needs to be connected to the drainage system, and inspection chamber should be located outside of your property. A 110mm non return valve can be installed in the inlet pipe inside the inspection chamber or manhole.

Key Features

  • Buffalo 110mm non return flap valve fits clay and plastic 110mm or 4” pipes
  • Unique shape prevents blockages as flap can fully open, even the bend of a pipe
  • Stainless steel flap stops rodents and noxious fumes from entering properties via the sewage system
  • Simple to install into existing manhole, end of pipe, inspection chamber or septic tank. No additional equipment required.
  • Prevents foul water flowing back from the drainage system, stopping the property from flooding from the inside via toilets, plug holes and waste pipes


Benefits of Drainage Non Return Valve

  • Anti-flooding solution, preventing backflow from entering your home from the sewage system.
  • Rat blocker for drains – a single stainless steel flap will stop rats climbing up the drains
  • Stop smells from the drains – with the single flap in the closed position a drain non return valve stops smells entering your property.

How does a non return valve work?

The drainage non return valve can be inserted into the foul pipe inside the inspection chamber. The valve has a single flap, which is in the closed position most of the time. When water leaves the property, the flap opens and will close again once the pressure has rescinded. The valve is designed open with just the pressure from the flush of a toilet. In a flood event, or a back up of water due to blocked rains, the valve is closed shut to prevent back flow. In addition, a stainless steel flap stops rats in the drains.

Can a non return valve be fit on a PVC or a clay pipe?

The Buffalo 110mm Non Return Valve is tested to fit in clay and PVC pipes. This is the only non return valve on the market that can fit both clay and PVC pipes.

Where can I buy 110mm Non Return Valve?