If your home or business has been damaged by flooding as a result of Storm Desmond you’ve probably already contacted your insurance company to begin rectifying the situation. However, you may also be entitled to a £5,000 flood grant announced by the government to protect your property from future flooding which you can use in conjunction with your insurance claim.

Do not let your insurance company replace your old flood-damaged doors and windows

Use the flood grant to upgrade to flood doors and windows. Insurance companies only reinstate to pre-existing quality cost, you normally have to pay the difference, however you can use the grant money to upgrade.

At The Flood Company we have spent the last 18 months replacing over 1,000 doors and windows, most of which were brand new, with purpose-built flood doors and flood barriers. The damaged new doors and windows, paid for by insurance companies after the 2013-2014 floods, were all thrown away in skips – a criminal waste of private and public money.

Use an accredited flood defences provider for your flood protection

The Flood Company is able to offer a complete flood protection solution within the £5,000 grant, together with guaranteed insurance cover on your property for years to come, via our partnership with Bureau Insurance Ltd.

To date, we have protected over 1,000 homes and properties throughout the UK using Property Level Protection (PLP) and worked alongside councils such as Bromley, North Lincolnshire and Greenwich.

We will protect your property from flooding and minimise damage by installing robust, passive flood defences to:

  • Doors and windows
  • All ground floor entry points
  • Pipe outlets
  • Outer walls
  • Mains sewers (where required)

Pre-register with The Flood Company

Pre-register with The Flood Company and we will guide you through the entire process on how to claim your £5,000 flood grant through local government as soon as the information is released.

Click Here to Pre-Register

Please Note: Passive flood defences will substantially slow down the ingress of water, buying you time in extreme circumstances for you to save those priceless sentimental items and high value electrical items.

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