Many of our customers have reported that their insurance costs are rising dramatically due to the threat of floodwaters. As a result of this feedback we have formed a partnership with a leading specialist in this field to ensure that our customers can benefit from the installation of their flood protection and bring insurance premiums down as a result.

Bureau Insurance Services Ltd is a specialist provider of flood insurance. Their “Flood Insure” scheme, in association with Flood Solutions Ltd, provides full terms household cover for homes that have previously flooded or are at future risk of flooding. They are able to offer significant savings on both insurance premiums and excess amounts for properties fitted with flood protection solutions supplied by The Flood Company.

Many of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of more affordable insurance as a result of this partnership and not only have peace of mind but have the security of realising the full market value of their property should they decide to sell.

Flood Insurance Savings

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