The Flood Company is pleased to announce another successful installation of the Buffalo Flood Barrier in Hong Kong. The flood barriers protect a number of doors and entrance ways, including the main entrance to the shopping centre.

The Buffalo Flood Barrier is a demountable flood protection solution, ensuring the normal aesthetics of the shopping centre are maintained during normal conditions. However, if a flood risk arises, the flood barriers can be quickly installed to protect the building.

The installation provides flood protection up to 1200mm higher, however the Buffalo Barrier is available in any height up to 2m high. Due to the unique versatilty of the Buffalo Barrier, the barrier can be manufactured to any length, creating long flood walls or protect single doors. A 90 degree demountable post is also available to create a bund around a key asset or door.

The Twin Peaks installation is the latest in a range of projects in Hong Kong and Macau, with further details to be found here.

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