The Situation

BAE Systems site in Rochester manufacturers goods for the aviations industry. The site was built 40 years ago, with the main building situated 1m below the ground perimeter ground level. During short, heavy down pours the building suffered from flash flooding, with water running down the hill and pouring towards the building. This resulted in downtime and also a costly refurbishment. With climate change likely to increase the risk of severity of downpours, BAE Systems required a quick to implement solution to protect the building from flooding.

The Solution

In the first instance, BAE requested a flood survey to review the flood risk and available flood mitigation measures to protect the building. Following the survey, The Flood Company installed flood barriers to the doors facing the slope where the water would run down. The flood barriers could easily be installed in a few minutes to protect the weak areas where water entered the property. In some circumstnaces, the door was a fire door, therefore the company installed the barrier internally to ensure the door could still be opened.

In addition, the building had air bricks to ventilate a sub floor void. Air bricks provide a major weak point for water to ingress, therefore these were replaced with anti flood air bricks.