Calder Textiles

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Project Description

Calder Textiles

The Client

Calder Textiles required a cost effective solution that delivered business continuity and protected valuable stock.

The Problem

  • Calder Textiles design and manufacture fine, cost-efficient carpets for leisure, hospitality and entertainment venues nationwide.
  • The Flood Company was asked to design and install a manual, cost effective flood defence solution to protect the Calder Textile factory.
  • The key driver for installing flood protection was to deliver business continuity and avoid the cost of damaged stock and machinery, loss of income from downtime and prevent disruption to a production line.

The Brief

  • Due to 24-hour production on the site, The Flood Company had to work around the customer to arrange the installation and ensure it did not disrupt their production schedule.
  • The site was over 100 years old, therefore the loading bays and openings had considerable wear which would need to be repaired for effective protection.
  • Previous flooding meant a minimum of 700mm high protection to the factory loading bays was required.

The Solution

  • The Flood Company cast a new concrete plinths along the loading bays to repair damage and create a flat, smooth finish for the barriers to sit on and seal. The work was carried out when they had their annual down time and used fast setting concrete and metal cover plates to protect the concrete until it was cured, minimising the disruption to the business.
  • The Flood Company installed our Buffalo HD barrier system which uses aluminium logs that are manually positioned across the opening prior to a flood alert.
  • The Flood Company installed the barriers in place ensuring there was no restriction for longer than 1 hour per opening.

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