Lune Square Car Park

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Project Description

Lune Square Car Park (Lancaster)


The construction of a new car park in central Lancaster was at risk of flooding and had suffered a number of flood events in recent years. As the car park was located below ground level, the flooding happened suddenly and could exceed depths of 1.5m. Given the speed of flooding, passive flood protection was required. The solution also needed to provide protection above 1.5m.


Buffalo Steel Flood Doors were installed to provide full height protection against flooding. The steel flood doors provided a passive flood mitigation solution, but we also installed a solution to keep the doors pinned open if required, for loading or unloading.

The doors were also coloured in different RAL colours, which can be tailored to the building or company colours if required.

One of the doors was entry to a store cupboard and needed to be locked from the public, therefore the Buffalo Steel Flood Door was installed with a keypad lock.

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