Project Description

Places for people

The Client

The Flood Company were approached by Places for People in February 2021.

The Issue

This area of Ramsbottom has suffered from flooding for many years due to its proximity to the River Irwell. The council had already put in place flood mitigation defences which were to install Flood Doors to every property. This option seemed to be successful to a degree but have not solved the problem. The Flood Company were approached and asked to provide a quote to hold the flood water back at the property boundary walls.

The Solution

At the initial survey it was agreed to install our Buffalo Flood System to each entrance gates to the front and rear of twelve properties at a height of 600mm.

This was a challenging task as the stone walls around the site were not even and at random heights and measurements. These needed some alteration work to ensure a solid fix to each reveal to help with the watertight seal to make it fully flood safe. This was overcome with the use of high strength anchor resins that our operatives use to make sure no water can penetrate the boundary.

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