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Project Description

Halifax Rack and Screw


Rack and Screw Ltd were affected by the Boxing Day floods, with flood water rising as high as 1200mm. The factory included stock and machinery that was wiped out in the floods. The factory had a range of apertures, from loading bays to single doors, which created a large number of apertures to protect.


The Buffalo Flood Barrier system was installed on all apertures. The benefit of flood barriers is they can be quickly installed in a flood risk event, however, in normal working conditions the loading bays and entrances would be clear for workers. There was also no trip hazard with the flood barriers.

Given the large number of apertures, the flood barrier system was more effective than passive systems. By maintaining the same product for the whole building, staff did not need to learn about multiple products and could therefore be trained quickly to understand what to do in a flood event.

Product used

Buffalo Flood Barrier

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