The Environment Agency today warned people to be prepared for flooding as it launches its Flood Action Campaign.

The warning follows a pattern of severe flooding over the past 10 years linked to an increase in extreme weather events as the country’s climate changes. Met Office records show that since 1910 there have been 17 record breaking rainfall months or seasons – with 9 of them since 2000. As intense storms are becoming more frequent, sea levels are also rising because of climate change.

The Environment Agency has today launched its Flood Action Campaign, targeting younger people through social media and online advertising to encourage them to check their flood risk at GOV.UK, sign up for free warnings and be prepared to take action when flooding hits. Research shows that 18 to 34 year olds are least likely to perceive flood risk to their area, know how to protect their homes or where to go for information. They are also at highest risk of fatality as they are less likely to perceive their personal risk.

In particular, the Yorkshire area has suffered a large proportion of floods in recent years, and likely to be one of the most at risk areas in the U.K.


What does it mean if your property is at flood risk?

A flood mitigation survey or flood risk report can help you determine what to do if you know you are at risk of flooding. Every property is different and Environment Agency flood risk data does not take into account specific features of a site or building and the precautions required to mitigate the risks. Therefore receiving a report detailing how to protect your property and the estimated cost to complete the work is a valuable exercise.

We would strongly advise people to investigate the flood risks before buying a property, particularly due to climate change and the impact this can have on the value of the property and the ability to get flood insurance.

Buying a property is a huge investment and looking at the flood mitigation measures and potential costs is a crucial factor in the due diligence process.


Can flood mitigation products protect my property?

It is important to realise flood mitigation products do not turn your property into a submarine, however they will minimize the level of water that enters your property in a flood event. This is crucial because:

  1. Flood mitigation products prevent damage to assets and valuables located in the property
  2. Less time is spent cleaning up and you will not need to move out of your home or business premises
  3. Insurance claims are minimized or not required, saving you from premium increases

Flood defences are an investment in peace of mind and continuity, protecting your assets and ensuring any disruption from flooding is kept to a minimum.


Finally, Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, said:

“Climate change is likely to mean more frequent and intense flooding. Floods destroy – lives, livelihoods, and property.

Our flood defences reduce the risk of flooding, and our flood warnings help keep communities safe when it threatens. But we can never entirely eliminate the risk of flooding. Checking your flood risk is the first step to protecting yourself, your loved ones and your home.”

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