Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)2017-12-02T08:19:35+00:00

Here are some of the questions we often get asked.

Can the flood barriers be made into a demountable wall? 2017-11-20T16:15:23+00:00

Yes, Buffalo barriers and be extended using demountable post to span large loading bays or create walls. There is no limit to the length.

Can you create demountable flood proof compounds?2017-11-20T16:14:22+00:00

Yes, Buffalo barriers can uses 90 degree demountable posts to create a compound.

Do you do site visits?2017-11-20T16:13:43+00:00

Yes, we have a variety of different survey packages to provide any information required.

Is my door flood proof if unlocked?2017-11-20T15:42:49+00:00

No.  The door must be fully engaged – important if you are having your windows cleaned near the door.

Why do flood doors cost more than a regular door?2017-11-20T15:31:46+00:00

The manufacturing process takes longer as there are steps taken to provide the necessary structural support and locking mechanism. The door also takes a lot longer to install than a regular door as the locking mechanism is tuned more accurately to provide a watertight seal.

What is pluvial flooding?2017-11-20T15:30:27+00:00

Pluvial flooding, or surface water flooding, occurs when the urban drainage system becomes overwhelmed and the excess water cannot be absorbed.

What is fluvial flooding?2017-11-20T15:29:27+00:00

Fluvial flooding occurs when rivers overflow and burst their banks, due to high or intense rainfall.

Will a flood defence affect my insurance premiums?2017-11-20T15:27:20+00:00

We have documented cases of clients who have implemented our flood prevention recommendations and then had their insurance premiums substantially reduced! But we cannot guarantee this will be the case for everyone. We believe that future insurance cover will increasingly be affected by your willingness to prove that you have made adequate provision for the possibility of flooding.

Does a Kitemark guarantee my property will not get flooded?2017-11-20T15:26:19+00:00

The Kitemark is an accreditation given by a private organisation known as the British Standards Institute (BSI). The Kitemark accreditation does not guarantee the installation of the product. Products that carry the Kitemark still need to be installed correctly to stop ingress of water. A Kitemark does, however, prove that a product has been rigorously tested to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Where are your products manufactured?2017-11-20T15:23:58+00:00

All of our products are manufactured in the UK.

What flood mitigation products do you use?2017-11-20T15:22:53+00:00

Buffalo Flood Systems, the most robust and reliable flood mitigation products on the market.

The Buffalo product range is built on our experience working with customers to improve the quality of flood mitigation products available on the market. This constant innovation and engineering means the Buffalo Flood Systems use the most up to date flood technology to deliver the strongest and most reliable solution.

Can the product be maintained?2017-11-20T15:46:08+00:00

Yes, we recommend products are serviced on an annual basis and we offer an annual maintenance program.

How much do the Buffalo Barriers cost?2017-11-20T15:46:30+00:00

As all products are made to measure the price varies considerably, however if you contact us, we aim to give you a price back within 24 hours. Key considerations in the cost are:

  • Height
  • Length
  • Number of demountable posts
  • Number of compression posts
  • Are packers required?
  • What the ground conditions are like
What are the delivery timescales?2017-11-20T16:00:57+00:00

Dependent on order size and stock levels, most commercial products are around 6-8 weeks.

Who do you supply?2017-11-20T16:01:21+00:00

Property owners, private companies, PLCs, construction companies, homeowners, water and utility companies, environment agencies, local councils.

What are the most popular products?2017-11-20T16:12:47+00:00


  • Buffalo UPVC Flood Doors
  • Buffalo Barrier (600mm high)
  • Hydroshield Barrier


  • Buffalo HD Barrier (800mm high)
  • Buffalo Steel Flood Door
How does a flood door work?2017-11-20T15:45:44+00:00

The door has a wraparound gearing mechanism that engages when you lift the handle and pulls the locking system into the seals and frame.  We use a reinforced steel frame so that the panels of the doors don’t flex under the pressure of the water.

Can I use a WAR valve in a septic tank?2017-11-20T15:44:17+00:00


Why is water coming in when it rains (pooling)?2017-11-20T15:43:38+00:00

This is because there is no drainage on a flood door and it collects in threshold and will pool when the door is opened.

What makes the door flood proof?2017-11-20T15:38:50+00:00

The special type of engineered seal with a re-enforced frame combined with a multi-point locking system, all work together to create a flood proof door.

Is a flood door suitable for elderly/disabled?2017-11-20T15:38:21+00:00

Some people may find the locking mechanism stiff, and threshold is not suitable for disabled access.

Is my door or barrier guaranteed not to leak?  2017-11-20T15:38:04+00:00

It is important to note flood mitigation products do not turn your property into a submarine. They will significantly reduce the ingress of water and any potential damage, and under BSI standards, the allowable leakage is 1 litre per hour.

Are all your products Kitemarked?2017-11-20T15:37:43+00:00

Some of our products are Kitemarked, however, all of our products are tested to PAS 1188-2014. This is the typical conditions expected in a UK flood event.

How do I store my barrier panels when not in use?2017-11-20T15:43:59+00:00

In a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Do you offer supply only?2017-11-20T15:39:03+00:00

Yes we offer supply only, UK and worldwide. We provide instructions how to install barriers and doors, and a competent joiner will be able to install.

Can I take the measurements myself?2018-01-19T09:23:31+00:00

If we are installing your flood products, we will need to take the measurements ourselves. This guarantees the measurements are correct and reduces error. If we provide a product on a supply only basis, we recommend you get the person installing to take the measurements.

Do you have product information that I can download?2017-11-20T16:16:37+00:00

Yes, we have product specification leaflets on each individual product page. We can also send a copy in the post upon request.

How much is a flood mitigation survey?2017-11-20T17:22:17+00:00

Prices start at £150 plus VAT, however this can increase if located more than 2 hours away.

Will I require more than one survey?2017-11-20T16:17:51+00:00

No, as long as we can survey the whole property and we can complete the survey in one trip.

Can I have a survey prior to purchasing a new property?2017-11-20T16:18:17+00:00

Yes, we can survey a new property prior to exchange. There is no obligation to purchase our products, however we will provide recommendations if the property you are buying is in a high flood risk area.