Due to health and safety, we do not advise the installation of flood barriers on the external face of a fire door. However, a steel flood door may not be within the budget. Therefore, a solution is to create a bund compound on the outside of the property, using our Buffalo HD Aluminium Flood Barriers. 

The compound uses reveal fixes and 90 degree demountable posts, which can be quickly deployed after a flood warning.

The benefit of the compound is the fire door can be fully opened when the flood barriers are erected. This has two benefits. Firstly, any individual trapped in the building can escape. Secondly, in a flood event, the doors can be fully opened which means the company can have access even if the building is surrounded in flood water.

The compound can be made to any size and up to 1600mm high. Flood barriers are a versatile solution to flood protection, and flood walls can be erected to any length.

The Buffalo HD Aluminium Barrier can be used to create a full bund around a key asset e.g. substation. The flood barrier bund can be erected on a semi-permanent basis. This can be used to protect vital assets from a flooding, while maintaining the flexibility to remove the barriers at a later stage (something a concrete bund wall does not offer).

It is also possible to use Aluminium flood gates to protect the property. The gates can be added to a flood wall to create an access point within a longer stretch of flood protection.

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PHOTOS: Flood barriers at Premier Inn Brighouse (Huddersfield)