The Problem

An ASDA supermarket in Rochdale suffered from multiple flood events in recent years. To the south of the building a number of vents and doors were exposed, and with high value items it was crucial to prevent future flood events.

The solution

The Flood Company installed flood barriers on a number of louvre vents, and doors to reduce the flood risk. Due to the level of flood risk, the barriers needed to be 1.6m high.

A range of widths was required, therefore demountable posts were required to create a flood wall in front of a number of vents and doors.

The Buffalo Flood Barrier is a demountable flood barrier system, which means in normal conditions the vents are open with no obstruction in front. In a flood risk event, the demountable system can be quickly install to protect key assets within the supermarket. The system can be installed in less than 10 minutes with two men.