The Buffalo Flood Barrier has been recently installed in the Hang Fa Chuen Playground, Hong Kong.

A bespoke demountable flood barrier system was installed to protect playground from tidal flooding. The system is completely demountable, meaning in normal conditions the playground can be used by the residents. However, if a flood risk is present, the system can be quickly deployed to protect key assets in the playground. The benefit of installing the flood barrier system is it protects the playground from major destruction in a flood event.

The flood barrier is made from aluminium, meaning it is lightweight and easy to deploy. However, additional re-enforcement bars were bespoke manufactured to create additional stability. The flood barriers can be bespoke manufactured to any width, and heights up to 2m high. The barriers at the playground range from 400mm to 1200mm high.

The Hang Fa Chuen is the latest in a series of installations of the Buffalo Flood Barrier in Hong Kong Region. You can see additional locaitons at the Twin Peaks Shopping Centre, Mui Wo power plant and a government logistics centre.

If you require further information regarding any of our flood mitigaiton products, for installaiton in the UK or for export, please contact us on In Hong Kong, we have a local agent who will handle any questions and projects.