A flood barrier is a removable flood control product, which can be quickly deployed if there is a flood warning in your local area. The barrier is designed to slide into two permanent upright channels, which will be fixed to the wall either side of your door. When required, a flood barrier can be quickly installed by sliding the barrier panel into the upright channels and locking into place. It is worth noting, a flood barrier is often referred to as a flood gate or a flood control barrier in the UK. Flood barriers for doors are versatile products and can be installed on houses or commercial properties.

There are three main types of flood barriers: composite, aluminium flood barriers and self closing flood barriers (SCFB). Each type of flood barrier has its own advantages, but the first step will be to take accurate measurements as this will determine the type of flood protection. As a general rule, the type of flood barrier that will fit your door is:

  • Single door – Hydroshield, Buffalo Flood Barrier, SCFB
  • Double door – Hydroshield (up to 1.5m), Buffalo Flood Barrier, SCFB
  • Sliding door – Buffalo Flood Barrier
  • Garage door – Buffalo Flood Barrier, SCFB
  • Driveway – Buffalo Flood Barrier, SCFB

Advantages of demountable flood barriers

  • Aluminium flood barriers are bespoke made and can be manufactured to any length (with the use of demountable posts). The benefit of this is the barrier is designed to fit your driveway perfectly, and ensuring effective flood control.
  • Cost effective flood control – demountable flood barriers provide the most cost effective solution to protect your driveway from flooding. Alternatives, such as the self closing flood barrier are 5 to 8 times more costly.
  • Quick and easy to deploy – in a flood event, you need a solution that can be quick to implement and control the flood waters. A demountable aluminium flood barrier can be installed in a few minutes, even with a demountable post.

The Self-closing flood barrier can be installed on all widths, including doors, driveways or garages. The advantage of the self closing flood barrier is it is designed to automatically protect your property in a flood event. It is classed as passive flood barrier, which makes it excellent flood control. As the barrier is housed underground, no storage is required.

  • Buffalo Flood Barrier
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  • Flood Barrier For Door Powder Coated White
  • Garage Flood Barrier
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