Small businesses and homeowners located in flood risk areas struggle to attain flood insurance. This can impact the businesses ability to grow, and provides a major risk to the company. In our case, we installed our flood mitigation products that satisfied the insurer to provide The Flood Company with flood insurance.

The Problem

  • The Flood Company head office is located next the to River Calder, and the previous tenant had not been able to get flood insurance.

The Brief

  • To install flood mitigation products to satisfy the insurer that reasonable steps had been taken to mitigate future claims.

 The Solution

  • The Flood Company designed and installed a range of flood mitigation measures to protect the building from flooding. The measures included:
    • Buffalo HD Flood Barriers
      • Flood barriers are is a removable flood control product, which can be quickly deployed if there is a flood warning in your local area. The barrier is designed to slide into two permanent upright channels, which will be fixed to the wall either side of your door. When required, a flood barrier can be quickly installed by sliding the barrier panel into the upright channels and locking into place. It is worth noting, a flood barrier is often referred to as a flood gate or a flood control barrier in the UK. Flood barriers for doors are versatile products and can be installed on houses or commercial properties.
    • Sump pumps
    • A flood wall
    • Flood proof windows
  • Post installation, The Flood Company conducted a post-install survey, which included photographic evidence of the mitigation measures. The survey provided reasoning as to why the mitigation measures would work and the justification for installation given the site dynamics.
  • This illustrated to the insurer the site specific measures that had been taken to reduce the flood risks.

The Result

  • The post installation survey was sent to the firms insurer, who agreed to underwrite flood insurance with an excess of only £350.
  • When installing flood mitigation products, ensure you understand the nature of the landscape and all possible areas of weakness in a building.
  • We would recommend flood mitigation products are installed by someone with experience to ensure professional installation.

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