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Are you having problems getting Flood Insurance?

The Flood Company has teamed up with flood insurance specialists The Home Insurer.

Speak to The Home Insurer to help you get cover today.

Call 01832 735 388 or visit TheHomeInsurer.co.uk

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The Home Insurer offers competitively priced flood insurance to 99% of UK properties

By installing The Flood Company products, it will help The Home Insurer get you the right insurance at a better price and excess than you would have thought possible. The Home Insurer can quote on commercial, landlord, and residential properties. They also have access to Flood Re.


Why Install Flood Mitigation Products?
Cheaper Flood Insurance!

Our flood mitigation products are designed to protect your property in the event of a flood. Insurers recognise the quality of our products and therefore they are willing to offer you a lower premium. Whether it is a residential or commercial property our clients can access cheaper insurance via The Home Insurer. By installing our products, clients benefit from:

  • Evidence to your insurers that you have taken reasonable precautions to mitigate the loss and reduce a claim.

  • Lower insurance premiums and excess.

  • Reduced financial impact of future claims.

  • Business continuity.

  • Protection of key assets and investments from future damage.

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