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Flood Risk Assessment & Mitigation Costs in a Single Report

We offer different types of flood risk surveys depending on your requirements and circumstances.

The Flood Company is the only company that provides a flood risk survey highlighting your risk from independent flood risk data, and in the same report, provide you with advice on how to protect your investment.

Our flood risk survey will allow you know your flood risk and make it easy for you to know how much it will cost to protect the property in a single report. We will conduct a site visit to provide you with practical insight without the consultant jargon, so you can make the decision on whether to purchase a property that is at risk of flooding. Our flood risk survey will give you peace of mind and save time when buying or selling a property, as you will receive advice on flood risk identification alongside expert guidance on how to protect the property from flooding. Whether you require a flood risk assessment, flood risk report or flood mitigation survey, our experts help you make the right decision with your property.

  • Simple survey to help you decide whether to buy a property

  • Flood Risk Survey to help value a property and give you peace of mind

  • Complete Flood Risk Survey, with flood mitigation measures to protect your investment

  • Flood Mitigation Survey providing an accurate quote for measures allowing you to accurately value your property

  • Outline of mitigation measures required to help you get flood insurance

  • Accurate quote for Flood Mitigation Products in a single survey

  • Manual Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) from environmental consultants

  • Expert opinion in a clear and easy to read report

  • Quick and low hassle evaluation of flood risks and remedies

  • Desktop Surveys, Flood Surveys, Site Visits and Flood Risk Assessments available

Flood Surveys

Our flood mitigation solutions are bespoke made based on these findings. This provides you with options that are relevant to your situation and an estimated cost for each solution, so you have complete picture to make a decision.

The flood survey will highlight if you are in a high flood risk area, and identify all of the potential weak points where water may enter your building. This process outlines the standard of protection required, and provides a guide to our installers for when they return. This reduces your installation costs as any potential risks are known from the start of the process, therefore we can accurately quote for the installation and arrive prepared.

Data includes Full range of key environmental datasets including:

  • Detailed information about telecommunication base stations and overhead transmission lines
  • The UK’s most comprehensive landfill data
  • Comprehensive natural hazards data including the most recent radon data

The survey also allows you an opportunity to meet with our team and to answer any questions you may have regarding your flood risk and products we recommend.

Contact us on 0800 999 5355 to book your flood risk survey

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Commercial Flood Risk Survey FAQs

Do I need my architects to be present for the flood survey?2017-11-12T16:12:46+00:00

This is not essential, but if you require major work and alterations to the building, we will need to liaise with your architect. In the first instance, they are not usually required at the flood survey, but if they would like to be present then we would be happy to meet with them. Alternatively, we can meet with them at another time.

Can I take the measurements myself?2018-01-19T09:23:31+00:00

If we are installing your flood products, we will need to take the measurements ourselves. This guarantees the measurements are correct and reduces error. If we provide a product on a supply only basis, we recommend you get the person installing to take the measurements.

Do you have product information that I can download?2017-11-20T16:16:37+00:00

Yes, we have product specification leaflets on each individual product page. We can also send a copy in the post upon request.

Will I require more than one survey?2017-11-20T16:17:51+00:00

No, as long as we can survey the whole property and we can complete the survey in one trip.

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