The U.K. has seen flood risks rise at the start of the week, as the end of a recent cold snap led to thawing snow and heavy rainfall. River levels are set to peak in the middle of the week.

Parts of Devon and Gloucestershire are the most affected, with flooding in Devon on Sunday and Monday.

Regarding the River Severn at Severn Ham, Tewkesbury the Environment Agency stated on 23rd January: “At 7 am today, the level at the Mythe Gauge was 3.51 metres and rising slowly. A peak level of between 3.5 and 3.6 metres is expected to occur Tuesday morning. the level at the Upper Pound Gauge was 3.60 metres and steady. Levels are currently peaking. Further rainfall overnight tonight may cause levels to rise again.” There are also Flood Warnings on the River Wye in north and south Hereford, and less severe Flood Alerts issued for rivers in and around Gloucestershire.

This highlights further rain is due across the country, and flood risks could escalate in the coming days.

Flood Advice

If you are at risk of flooding, remove valuable possessions above ground floor and be prepared to deploy any flood mitigation (flood barriers or flood sax) if necessary. Keep a close eye on updates from the Environment Agency and have an escape plan if the water in case you need to evacuate the area.

Don’t know if you are at flood risk?

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