Nearly 1,500 people have been evacuated from homes in the Paris region, with authorities on alert for any major flood risk after the levels of the swollen River Seine rose further on Sunday after heavy rain. People have been evacuated from the Ile de France region comprising the French capital and its suburbs.

The river depth is set to peak on Monday morning at a similar level that caused flooding in 2016. The overflow has already caused sidewalks along the river to be engulfed by water, and the world famous Louvre museum has closed the basement display of Islamic art as a precaution.

The worst flooding in Paris was in 1910, when the river height rose to 8.65 meters. In 2016, the river level rose to 6.1m, and the level is reported to be 5.84m (19.2ft) although this could rise further.

Water levels are expected to remain high all week, with more rain forecast and an already saturated drainage basin.