After the wettest December on record, approximately 3,000 families in the UK are still living in temporary accommodation after their homes were flooded.

Statistics show that around 5 million people in England and Wales currently live in flood risk areas. But many homeowners are unaware that you do not have to live near a river to be in danger of floods and flood damage. Around 25% of flooding actually occurs outside of regions designated to be flood prone, due to surface water flooding, sewer flooding, or flash floods.

The latest floods in England have been devastating to homeowners and businesses and it has put the dangers of flooding back in to the spotlight.

Here are just some ways in which you can defend your home or business against flooding.

  • Flood Doors and Barriers – You can install flood doors as permanent flood defence solutions and you can purchase flood barriers for your property which can be quickly deployed as and when there is a flood risk in your area.
  • Non-Return Valves – You can fit non-return valves to reduce the risk of flood water coming in to your property through drains and pipes.
  • Sealed Floors – By sealing (or tanking) floors you can prevent water coming in through the floor.
  • Air Brick Covers – Flood Air Bricks are available to place over ventilation bricks in walls that might otherwise let water in.
  • Emergency Water Pumps – These are extremely useful if water has already got in to your property.

The Environment Agency states that in the case of more severe flooding water may still get in to your property but they also state that any defensive measures taken to protect your property from floods will reduce the stress, and minimise damages and repairs needed as well as the amount of time you can be out of your property.

There are ways to prepare for bigger floods however, such as installing higher shelves for valued items, install electrical equipment and plug sockets at least 1.5m off the ground, install a draining system for cavity walls and using water resistant materials where possible in kitchens and bathrooms.


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