We are often asked whether it is better to install a flood door or a flood barrier. The simple answer is every client is different, and we try to provide the most cost effective and suitable solution for all our clients. Insurers take flood barriers and flood doors into account when assessing you for flood insurance, so what is the difference for you?

A flood barrier is a removable flood defence product, which can be quickly deployed if there is a flood warning in your local area. The barrier slides into two permanent upright channels, which will be fixed to the wall either side of your door. In the UK, a flood barrier is often referred to as a flood gate or a flood control barrier in the UK. Flood barriers  are versatile products and can be installed on commercial or residential doors.

Generally, flood barriers are a more cost effective method to prevent flood damage. However, barriers require a human element to deploy them, and this can leave the system open to error, such as no one at the property prior to a flood event, or incorrect installation leading to leakage. The type of flooding will also be important to understand, and a flood survey can help calculate your risk from the different types of flooding.

The number one factor you need to assess when implementing a flood barrier is the time to install. If you are unlikely to be at the property or need to install a large perimeter of barriers, then flood doors are a more suitable solution.

You can read more information on how to measure and install flood barriers for:

The value of assets you are seeking to protect should also be considered, as the higher the value the asset the more passive the flood mitigation solution should be. In this case, we often find customers looking to protect their primary residence prefer to install flood doors, as they prefer to have the peace of mind that their home and precious possessions are protected even when they are out.

However, flood doors are Kitemarked to PAS 1188 standards, which provides flood protection up to 600mm, the typical flood water height experienced in the U.K.. Barriers can be made up to 1600mm high, therefore, your flood water depth is a crucial factor in determining the right product. A flood survey will help you discover your likely flood depths, or if you have recently been flooded, we recommend making a note of how high the water came and we will recommend the most suitable product.

There may also be other factors, such as whether you are in a listed building, but the key will always be the timely implementation of a flood defence system and potential flood depths.

Flood doors are more expensive than regular doors due to the manufacturing process taking longer and installation time due to the locking mechanism required to be accurately tuned to provide a watertight seal.

An alternative to protect driveways is a flood gate, which can be hinged. Hinged flood gates are frequently used to protect businesses from flooding rather than homes, but it is possible to install on either types of property.

Both systems should be maintained and regularly checked for correct operation, and we are happy to provide advice on how to maintain flood products.

A flood survey would help determine the most suitable product and a member of our team would be able to speak to you in more detail about your solution.

If you want further information on the design of flood products, you can go to our architect section where we have product specificaiont sheets, PDF drawings and DWG files available to download.

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