A brand new product designed and manufactured by The Flood Company has unique features that could have many beneficial applications within several industries, including flood prevention and defence, hospitality and catering, pest control and drainage system service and maintenance. 

Features, Benefits and Applications

Universal Fit

Firstly, as the name suggests, the Universal Fit Water and Rodent (WAR) Non-Return Valve can be fitted in both clay and plastic 110mm or 4″ pipes.

Flood Defence

The WAR Non-Return Valve is ideally suited to homes and businesses built on flood plains as it prevents the backflow of effluent into properties during flooding. A unique funnel shaped body design also means the flow of water is increased when passing through the unit, thereby reducing blockages

Pest Control

The WAR Non-Return Valve provides efficient pest control; stopping rodents, frogs, snakes and other vermin from entering a property. The flap has an inbuilt stainless steel plate to stop rodents chewing through it.

Hospitality and Catering

The valve also prevents unpleasant smells from finding their way into a building which, along with the pest control benefits mentioned above, make it an ideal solution for the food and catering sector.

Drainage System Service and Maintenance

A lockable flap allows entry pipes to inspection chambers to be closed down to allow essential maintenance to be carried out.

The valve can open on a 45 degree bend due to its unique flap design. This flap design also means it doesn’t catch on the chamber walls – which could restrict its movement and operation.

The valve is completely re-usable when used for maintenance purposes. It can be inserted while work is carried out then removed and used again once work is completed.

The Universal Fit Water and Rodent (WAR) Non-Return Valve will be available to buy direct from The Flood Company from 10 October, but with the product expected to be in high demand you can pre–order yours now and get 6 for the price of 5!

To order the Universal Fit Water and Rodent (WAR) Non-Return Valve today call click here.