The Flood Company offers a range of Non-Return Valves (NRVs) for a variety of uses and applications, from flood protection to pest control.

What Is A Non-Return Valve?

Non-Return Valves, also known as check valves, normally allow liquids (and gasses) to flow through them in only one direction. The valves have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. Non-Return Valves work automatically, which means that most do not have a handle or stem.

Different Types of Non Return Valves and Applications

Non-Return Valves are, typically, small and simple products. However, some, like those designed and developed by The Flood Company, are manufactured for specialist applications and have additional features.

As the name suggests, our 4 inch and 6 inch Water and Rodent Non-Return Valves (or WAR Valves) have a number of uses.

They stop the backflow of water and effluent into properties, businesses and homes via the sewage system during flooding, as well as preventing noxious fumes from entering the property.

One of the other key and unique features of the Water and Rodent Non-Return Valves is they stop rats, mice, frogs, snakes and other rodents and vermin from entering properties thanks to an inbuilt stainless steel plate.

The non-return valve also has maintenance uses. It can be temporarily inserted into either clay or plastic drains and pipes and a lockable flap allows you to close down entry pipes to inspection chambers to allow essential maintenance to be carried out. The non-return valve can then be re-used.

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