The old urban myth suggests we are never more the 6 feet away from a rat. With estimates between 3-10 million rats in the UK, this myth may be correct. Rats infestation in the home can be a disturbing and frustrating problem, but there are solutions to stop rats affecting your homes.

Common signs of rats infesting your property include:

  • Rat droppings
  • Whole gnawed in walls, bins, rubbish or doors
  • Scratching under the floor boards or in the roof
  • Nests

Can rats run up drain pipes?

Yes, rats often enter your property via the drainage system. Due to flexible vertebrae and ribs cages, rats are able to squeeze into tight spaces and even round the U-bend of a toilet.

The first step is to understand why the rats are in your drains. Unlike mice, rats need food and water every day. They need small amounts of regular water, so the drainage system provides the perfect environment for them to live. Given drains provide the perfect environment for rats, and the sheer number of rats in the UK, we won’t be able to stop them in the drainage system. But we will be able to stop rats coming into your property and affecting your home.

How to stop rats in drains

  1. Ensure no foodstuffs left out of containers
  2. Make sure no pet food is left for a prolonged period of time
  3. Keep a clean garden, remove clutter to reduce the areas where rats can burrow
  4. Do not leave clutter leaning up against the building for prolonged period of time
  5. Place rubbish in bins with a closed lid
  6. Walk around and seal any entry points into the property
  7. Install a drain non return valve to block rats coming up the sewer pipes
  8. Check the gap underneath doors, and seal prevent any gaps where they could squeeze under the door.

Rats love to inhabit in drains, and the best way to stop them from affecting your home or business is to install a rat blocker to prevent them from entering your property via the drainage system. Rats can climb up the soil pipe and around the U-bend of a toilet. A simple first step is to get in the habit of closing the lid on the toilet. However, you may get an unwanted surprise! So the best drain protection is a non return valve with a single flap, which stops rats from coming up the drain pipe and into you home.

Where your soil pipe leads to the inspection chamber is the main way rats will enter your property via the drainage system. By installing a non return valve on the sewer pipe into the inspection chamber, you will block rats coming up from the sewage system.

stop rats in drains

How does a drain non return valve work?

Protecting your drains is simple if you have an inspection chamber outside your property. Follow the steps to determine the right drain protection for your property:

  1. Find an inspection chamber outside your property
  2. Lift the lid to see the number pipes going into your house (you are likely to have more than one)
  3. To check which pipes lead to your property, flush each toilet in your house and make a note of which pipe the water flows down.
  4. Check the size of the pipe. If it is a residential property, it is likely to be a 110mm non return valve. If it is a commercial property it is likely to be a 150mm non return valve.
  5. Order a retro fit non return valve online.
  6. Simply push the non return valve into the sewer pipe entering into the inspection chamber
  7. The stainless steel flap stops the rats from going back up the drains and into your house

The rat blocker works by using a single flap to allows the rats to leave your property but not go back up. Rats go for the easiest route to food and water. If they come to a pipe and it is blocked, it will stop them from going up the drain pipe. They will turn around and find an easier way to the next meal.

If you have followed all of the steps above, you should contact a rat or drainage expert as you may have damaged pipes which will need to rectified.

Do rats come out of drains?

Yes, rats can come out of drains. While they often inhabit drains and come up the soil pipe, they do leave the drainage system. Rats love food, so making sure you have no food or waste around in the open is a simple way to stop rats coming out of drains and affecting your home.

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