Drains can be overwhelmed by storm water during heavy down pours, or in flood events, which can lead to backflow in the drainage system. A drain non return valve has a single flap to prevent water backing up the drain pipe and into your property.

There are two types of non return valves for drainage: Retro-fit and In-Line.

  1. Retro-fit – The easiest way to protect from backflow is a retro-fit non return valve, which are simply pushed into the pipe leading into the inspection chamber or into the end of drain pipe. These valves are DIY, require no expertise or tools to fit. Example retro-fit drain non return valves are:

Buffalo 110mm Non Return Valve

Buffalo 150mm Non Return Valve

Non Return Valves
  1. In-line – If you cannot find the inspection chamber outside your house, you will need to install an in-line non return valve. These require a lot more work, as a hole will need to be dug before the cutting of the pipe is required. We would recommend you call a specialist to advise on the best location and works required.

WaStop InLine Non Return Valve

WaStop Stainless Steel Inline Installation