The drainage system can be mystery to many of us, so we have put together a quick guide to help you understand when to install a drain non return valve.

1. Anti-flooding non return valve

A common issue for properties at flood risk is drains becoming overwhelmed, due to storm water or blockages. This leads to sewage backing up the drains and overflowing into your property. This is particularly relevant for people who live on flood plains and have a downstairs bath room. Without the right anti flood non return valve it can lead to a horrible and unpleasant mess to clean up.

Non Return Valves

2 .Stop rats in drains

According to the Environment Agency in 2014, there are over 3 million rats living in our sewage system. Rats and vermin love it the drainage system, and it is common for them find their way into your property via the drainage system. Due to flexible vertebrae, rats are able to slide into tiny holes and can squeeze around the u-bend of a toilet. Don’t believe us, Check out this video. Stop rats climbing up drain pipes is therefore an important way to prevent unwanted guests in your house.

A rat blocker for drains is the easiest way to stop rats entering your property from the drainage system. Using a single stainless steel flap can prevent rats climbing up your drain pipe. You may also wish to consider using rat traps and poison to further enhance your fight against rodents.

3. Stop smells and noxious fumes from the drainage system

Have you ever had a horrible smell coming through your house and can’t figure out where it is coming from? There is a good chance it is coming from the drainage system. A drain non return valve is a simple way to stop the smells.