1. Inspection Chamber

Every property needs to be connected to the drainage system. An inspection chamber is a manhole outside your property which allows the council to inspect the drains without requiring access to your home. The inspection chamber will be approximate 350mm wide, but can be 450mm wide at the bottom. The inspection chamber can be up to 3m but the majority of inspection chambers are easily accessible and within an arms length (12-18 inches below ground level). A manhole cover will be in place which you will need to remove to access the drain pipe.

Buffalo 6 Inch Water and Rodent Non Return Valve

2. End of Pipe

If you have a drainage pipe leading to a pond, stream or river, you may want a non return valve to go over the top of the pipe. In this situation, you can install a end of pipe non return valve. Example includes:

Capricorn 110mm non return valve

3. New chamber outside your property

If you cannot find an inspection chamber or the end of the drain pipe, you will need to find plans to understand where your drains are connecting into the drainage system. Once you have found the pipe call a drainage expert to discuss installing a new chamber for a non return valve.