Buffalo Flood Barrier

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Factory tested to BS PAS 1188-1:2019, robust aluminium flood barrier. Available in any length and up to 2,000mm high. Available supply only (UK and worldwide) or fully installed. Perfect for commercial buildings and residential doors, driveways and garages. 

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Demountable aluminium flood barrier to last a lifetime

Flood barriers for garages, doors or loading bays

Flood barriers provide strong, versatile flood control, suitable for residential and commercial properties

Flood barriers advantages include reliable flood control and easy deployment.

Aluminium flood barriers are available for single, double or sliding doors.

Flood barriers for garage or loading bays may require demountable aluminum post

Light-weight aluminium construction for ease of use

Simple flood barrier design allows quick and easy implementation

Suitable for hard wearing environments

Height and width to suit any door or aperture (including garage door and loading bays)

Flood barriers can be made into bunds around doors or assets with 90 degree demountable posts

Available in heights from 200mm-1600mm

Flood barriers available in UK and shipment worldwide

Available in supply only or fully installed

Create a demountable aluminium bund or compound around key assets

Flood gate and flood barrier are inter-changeable terms used within the industry

When the system is not installed, the post holders have protective caps, remain inconspicuous and allow full and uninterrupted access to any location or opening.

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Product Specification

Buffalo Flood Barrier

  • 200mm panel increments
  • Demountable flood gate post required every 1.8m
  • Domestic flood control barrier
  • Flood barrier for doors, driveways and garage doors
  • Thin profile
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Buffalo HD Flood Barrier

  • 400mm panel
  • Demountable post required every 2.4m
  • 75mm fixings, (face and reveal fixed available)
  • Suitable for commercial flood control, including loading bays, garages and compounds
  • 90-degree demountable aluminium post available
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