FloodStop Temporary Flood Barrier

Available in 0.5m or 0.9m heights

Temporary flood barrier sold throughout the world

Alternative to sandbags

Interlocking system to create flood walls

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What is FloodStop?

FloodStop is a unique self-filling flood barrier system – it is a rapid, deployable, robust flood barrier.  FloodStop was developed to supercede ineffective sandbagging techniques.  The system is now successfully used throughout Europe and the USA as a rapidly deployable flood barrier.

The barrier is assembled through a series of interlocking units.  When assembled the majority of these units actually fill with the rising flood waters.  This combined with the weighted connection keys ensure an assembled barrier will always be denser than the flood water.

The temporary flood barrier can be linked together to create long flood walls or compounds.

FloodStop is manufactured under ISO9001 accreditation and is patent protected technology.

Key Benefits of FloodStop barriers:

  • No construction works required
  • Small footprint & robust.
  • No sheeting involved – which can be easily pierced by vandals and affected by the wind)
  • Can be rapidly deployed / light weight system
  • High quality, field tested system – can be deployed in all weather conditions.
  • Requires no specialist training

Free CAD Design Service available with the temporary flood barrier. Call now on 0800 999 5355 for more information.

How does it work?

When in use the majority of the modular units actually fill with the rising flood waters, which combined with the weighted universal keys ensures the assembled flood barrier holds back flood waters. All units and keys incorporate hard-wearing gaskets to ensure sealing. For acute cornering or wall connection in a FloodStop assembly a Multi-hub unit is simply used. The beauty of this patented flood prevention system is that no bolting to the ground is required. It also means that when the flood waters recede, the pods empty themselves and become light enough to be carried away. They are also a much more cost effective and reliable alternative to flood sandbags. In the above set up a free board is required.

Available in 0.5m or 0.9m heights.

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