Self-Closing Flood Barrier

Innovative passive flood prevention system requiring no human intervention or power. Can be used for riverbanks, public spaces, commercial properties or private homes. Available up to 2500mm high and unlimited length.

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The SCFB is a unique effective flood defense system to protect people and property from inland waterway floods caused by heavy rainfall, gales or rapid melting snow. This system has been developed to provide optimal protection against extreme high water levels.

Simple, but ingenious concept of using the approaching floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create the solution. With an unblemished 100% track record the SCFB is a highly favorable preference when specifying optimal and cost effective but passive flood defense.

Rapid onset flooding usually causes the greatest damage due to the lack of time to deploy the more traditional type of manually operated floodgates and “demountable” systems, typically stored off site, and requiring human intervention. The SCFB overcomes all the issues associated with these older- generation flood defenses, and has the considerable advantage of not requiring any intervention during a flood warning, which would otherwise put lives at risk.

The SCFB has undergone more than 70 tests; these tests included static load, dynamic load, buoyancy force, sand and gravel tests, duration tests (35 days) extreme cold temperature tests, earthquakes tests, and obstruction tests. These tests concluded that the barrier never stayed stuck and rose in all tests.

In non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are invisibly concealed in the ground inside the basin. When the floodwater entered the basin the floating wall barrier will start to float up inside the basin. This gives the rubber seals space to move free when the barrier goes up; this prevents wear of the seals. When the floating wall is in the top position the angled support block will push the wall to the dry side and ‘lock’ the wall in position. The seals will make now a 100% watertight connection inside the basin and the guide rails.

The seals have a life expectancy of over 15 years. They are protected underground and therefore are not subject to UV degradation. In its closed position the barrier is protected below ground level and therefore not prone to vandalism. The barrier is not energy driven and therefore still operates in case of a power cut.

Key Benefits


The SCFB™ is not energy driven and operates without any human intervention and gives 24/7 full 100% protection. Even when there is a power outage the SCFB™ will raises instantly though the rising water level.


The SCFB™ request no manpower and for testing the barrier very few people are required.


In resting position the SCFB™ is invisible and fully self-protected at the location in the ground. No storage elsewhere and transport is needed in case of testing or a flood situation.


Because of the short closing time the barrier will only come up when there is a flood situation. No unnecessary falls deployment is needed. So the area remains accessible until the last moment.


All applied elements represent the highest quality, with an unlimited time length. The recommended frequency for maintenance and testing of a flood barrier is once or twice a year. The SCFB™ can be connected to the main water supply ore filled by a pump. By filling up the pit the barrier is lifted automatically and ready for inspection so this is a one-man job.

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