Buffalo 4 Inch Water and Rodent Non Return Valve


Fits both Clay and Plastic 110mm or 4″ pipes.

Stops rodents and noxious fumes from entering properties via the sewage system.

Prevents foul water flowing back from the sewerage system, stopping the property from flooding from the inside via toilets, plug holes and waste pipes.

Simple to install into existing manhole or soil pipe. No additional equipment required.

150mm / 6 inch AVAILABLE HERE

WRc Tested and Certified 


What does the Universal Fit WAR Non-Return Valve do?

  • Stops backflow of effluent into properties, businesses and homes during flooding. Will be used extensively in properties on flood plains.
  • Stops rodents, frogs, snakes and other vermin from entering homes, businesses and other properties. Also prevents noxious fumes from entering properties. Ideally suited to the food and catering sector.
  • The flap has an inbuilt stainless steel plate to stop rodents biting through, providing efficient pest control.
  • A lockable flap allows you to close down entry pipes to inspection chambers to allow essential maintenance to be carried out.
  • The valve is completely re-usable when used for maintenance purposes.  The valve can be inserted while work is carried out then removed and used again.
  • The valve can open on a 45 degree bend due to its unique flap design.
  • The unique flap design also means the flap doesn’t catch on the chamber walls – which could restrict its movement and operation.
  • Unique funnel shaped body design means the flow of water is increased when passing through the unit; reducing blockages
  • Fits both Clay and Plastic 110mm or 4″ pipes.
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Product Specifications

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How the WAR Non-Return Valve works

How to Install the WAR Non-Return Valve

Please Note:

  • ‘Universal’ wording refers to the valve able to fit both clay and plastic.
  • The valve fits all in line straight inlets to all inspection chamber bases.
  • It fits 45 and 90 degree inlets on 450mm diameter chamber bases.
  • Not suitable for some 45 and 90 degree inlets on smaller 300mm diameter (or less) chamber bases. Only the straight inlets on smaller chamber bases. This is due to the tight angled chamber walls restricting installation and operation.
  • Forcing the product my cause damage.
  • All the of the valve’s rubber fins must be in the pipe. If any of the rubber fins are exposed, then the product is not fully inserted and not installed correctly.

Community Design Registration No. 002723924

Patent Pending No. GB1510974.7

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