Rats live in the drainage and sewage system. The dark and damp environment is perfect for them to inhabit. They are also great swimmers and love to explore. Unfortunately, this can lead to rats comin up the drains and soil pipe, and into your house.

How can rats come enter my house from the sewer?

Rats have a flexible vertabrae, which allows them to squeeze into very tight spaces. This means they can even crawl around the U-bend of your toilet, which can lead to a nasty surprise when you lift the toilet seat! Mice are very similar animals, and can squeeze through tiny holes as small as a pencil.

Best Solution to Stop Rats and Mice Coming Up Drains

To stop rats and mice coming up the drainage system, a single flap valve is required. This blocks the rats from coming up sewage pipe, but allows them to exit the property. The valve also allows waste to leave the property.

A stainless steel flap is required to prevent the rats coming up the pipe. The benefit of the flap is it allows the rat to leave the property, but stop them from coming back. This can take up to a week to leave the property, but it can be immediate. A rat blocker is better than rat poison because rat poison dyhdrates the rat, causing them to panic and become anxious. This leads to rats chewing through pipes to try and escape, which can lead to more damage. If this happens, you could have a major leak and costly repair.

This means the rat blocker is a humane way to treat the rat, and prevents unnecessary cost for you later down the road.

We also advise you check for food being left out, and check dark places in your property where they could be nesting.

What size is my sewer pipe?

The size of rat blocker (also known as a non return valve) will depend on the type of property:

  • 110mm is the standard size for UK residential property
  • 150mm is the standard sie for commercial property and across Europe

Which non return valve should I buy?

The type of non return valve will depend on where your outlet drainage pipe goes to. If you have an inspection chamber outisde your house, lift the lid and inspect. In this case, a Buffalo 110mm Non Return Valve or 150mm Non Return Valve is probably best. If you cant find an inspection chamber or manhole, then you may need an inline non return valve. The inline non return valve requires additional work, as you will need to cut the pipe to install. This requires a drainage expert, and we suggest you contact them before starting any works. If you can find an end of pipe leading into a septic tank or river, then the Capricorn 110mm Non Return Valve is a good solution. This is more used in Europe than the UK.

If your problem persists, we would recommend call a pest control expert.

Where can I buy Rat Blockers?