Innovative & Bespoke Commercial Flood Mitigation to Deliver Effective Business Continuity

We are committed to developing a cost effective solution to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

The Flood Company has extensive experience in delivering major contracts to protect businesses and commercial premises in the UK. Working in partnership with architects, civil engineers and building contractors, we deliver innovative and high quality flood defences.

A flood event can cause massive disruption and devastation to your business; therefore a customer centric, flexible approach is crucial to our clients. Our commercial flood mitigation solutions aim to minimise the ingress of water into your property, significantly reducing the damage to your property and the size of any potential insurance claim. Commercial flood mitigation gives you business continuity in the event of a flood, and reduces the impact on your cash-flow, allowing you to get back to business as quickly as possible.

Commercial Flood Mitigation

Our clients recognise our professionalism, and commitment to delivering the right and most cost effective solution. We are highly experienced developing bespoke solutions, and our team of engineers, project managers and designers work with clients in a range of industries to deliver flood mitigation solutions.

We understand the importance of communication with clients, so our team work with you from initial survey to testing and implementation, helping ensure an efficient and effective solution. Our process for working with you is:

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Commercial Flood Mitigation FAQs

What is Buffalo Flood Systems?2017-11-14T14:52:36+00:00

Buffalo Flood Systems is a brand of flood mitigation products designed to be the most robust and reliable solutions on the market. The range includes residential and commercial flood mitigation products, and have been installed around the world.

Is my door or barrier guaranteed not to leak?  2017-11-20T15:38:04+00:00

It is important to note flood mitigation products do not turn your property into a submarine. They will significantly reduce the ingress of water and any potential damage, and under BSI standards, the allowable leakage is 1 litre per hour.

Do you have a barrier installation guide?2017-12-01T11:06:03+00:00

Yes, click here to download or call the office on 0800 999 5355.

Are all your products Kitemarked?2017-11-20T15:37:43+00:00

Some of our products are Kitemarked, however, all of our products are tested to PAS 1188-2014. This is the typical conditions expected in a UK flood event.

Do I need to steel flood door or an aluminium flood barrier?2017-11-14T10:42:56+00:00

Typically, this answer depends on your budget requirements. Although steel flood doors are more expensive, they provide protection without any human intervention and 24 hours a day. In contrast, flood barriers need to be deployed to protect your property. The type of building, the value of your assets and the nature of flooding in your area will all be factors in your decision.

Do steel flood doors provide full height protection?2017-11-14T10:42:49+00:00

Yes, this is possible with steel flood doors.

How high should a flood barrier go?2017-11-14T10:42:41+00:00

We are able to install a barrier up to 1.6m high if required. The question often depends on your flood risk, and if you were flooded before and how high the water came. Our engineers will advise on the most suitable protection for your business.

How do I store my barrier panels when not in use?2017-11-20T15:43:59+00:00

In a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Do you offer supply only?2017-11-20T15:39:03+00:00

Yes we offer supply only, UK and worldwide. We provide instructions how to install barriers and doors, and a competent joiner will be able to install.

Are steel flood doors suitable for wheel chair access?2017-11-14T10:42:18+00:00

It is important to realise the steel doors will have a threshold.