Why should you have your flood mitigation products serviced annually?

It is recommended that flood mitigation products be maintained annually to ensure they are in optimum working condition. Businesses are busy places, with vehicles and people coming and going which can lead to damaged ground conditions and flood mitigation parts being accidently damaged and/or lost. In addition, the seals can gather dirt and dry out.

Without servicing, the products may not be fit for purpose in an emergency and the guarantee on the products will expire and become void.

The service will include a full report and a certificate, which is useful to:

  • Display to your insurer that your flood mitigation products are in effective working condition.

  • Ensure you get the maximum life out of your flood mitigation products.

  • Provide peace of mind that your flood products will function correctly should flooding occur.

  • Extend your product guarantee by a further 12 months (to a maximum of 5 years).

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We will provide a full report of your flood mitigation products so that you have peace of mind that your products will be effective in the event of an emergency. This maintenance includes:

  • A visual inspection of the outside of the property to identify any changes that could affect the performance of the property’s flood protection capability.

  • Check that; Door(s), Flood Barriers (where fitted), Seals, Locking Mechanism, Keeps and Hinges are in good working order.

  • Air Bricks will be opened, checked and cleaned.

  • Check and / or replace silicon and seals that seal the flood products to the fabric of the building / aperture.

  • Check the threshold and the seal faces for cracks and / or defects that could impair the effectiveness of the seals.

  • Any parts that need to be replaced as a result of; Misuse, Accidental or Criminal Damage, will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time of replacement, plus labour if a second visit is required.

  • Report documenting a record of product maintenance; highlighting any additional flood risks and photographic evidence of any defects or alterations to the system or property.

Aerial Flood Mitigation Surveys (UAV) With Maintenance

Drone Survey

We offer an aerial survey of the surrounding area to assess any potential risks or threats to your building that may have arisen over the previous year. With the use of the latest technology, we can scan and model the surrounding area to analyse if any new buildings, infrastructure or agricultural land could impact your building taking a birds-eye view of your drainage area.

This is an optional extra, available upon request.

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