Innovative & Bespoke Residential Flood Mitigation to Protect Your Home

We put our customers first, and commit to providing you with a cost effective solution that you can rely on.

The Flood Company has extensive experience installing Property Level Protection (PLP) in homes across the UK. Our team of engineers and installers deliver reliable and robust PLP so you have peace of mind that your property is protected from flooding.

A flood event can cause massive disruption and devastation to your home; therefore a customer centric, flexible approach is crucial to our clients. Our residential flood mitigation solutions aim to minimise the ingress of water into your property, significantly reducing the damage to your property and the size of any potential insurance claim.

Our residential customer recognise our professionalism and commitment to delivering the right and most cost effective solution. We are highly experienced at developing solutions, and our team of engineers and installers work with clients to deliver the right flood mitigation solution for you. The engineers take a holistic approach to PLP, completing a thorough review of all the potential weak spots and make recommendations relating to apertures, sewage and external weep points.

Residential Flood Mitigation
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We understand the importance of communication with clients, so our team work with you from initial survey to testing and implementation, helping ensure an efficient and effective solution. We follow the Fluid Intelligence model to work with you.

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Residential Flood Mitigation FAQs

How do I engage the door (single and double)?  2017-11-14T15:01:01+00:00
  1. Close the door and lift the lever handle.  This will engage the locking points.
  2. Turn the key BS cylinder one complete revolution.  The door is now locked.
  3. Turn the ABS cylinder one complete revolution.  The door is now unlocked.
  4. Depress the lever handle to disengage the locking points and open the door as necessary.
How do I maintain a flood door?2017-11-14T14:58:36+00:00
  1. The center latch and deadbolt must be lubricated once monthly with a technical lubricant or grease.
  2. Locking bolts, hook locks and locking cams and other visible moving parts must be lubricated once monthly.
  3. DO NOT use any rust removers, or similar.
  4. It is recommended that silicone spray is placed on the external gasket seal of the panel as an extra precaution prior to a Flood Situation.
How does a flood door work?2017-11-20T15:45:44+00:00

The door has a wraparound gearing mechanism that engages when you lift the handle and pulls the locking system into the seals and frame.  We use a reinforced steel frame so that the panels of the doors don’t flex under the pressure of the water.

Can I use a WAR valve in a septic tank?2017-11-20T15:44:17+00:00


Why is water coming in when it rains (pooling)?2017-11-20T15:43:38+00:00

This is because there is no drainage on a flood door and it collects in threshold and will pool when the door is opened.

Is my door flood proof if unlocked?2017-11-14T14:55:09+00:00

No.  The door must be fully engaged – important if you are having your windows cleaned near the door.

What makes the door flood proof?2017-11-20T15:38:50+00:00

The special type of engineered seal with a re-enforced frame combined with a multi-point locking system, all work together to create a flood proof door.

Is a flood door suitable for elderly/disabled?2017-11-20T15:38:21+00:00

Some people may find the locking mechanism stiff, and threshold is not suitable for disabled access.

What is Buffalo Flood Systems?2017-11-14T14:52:36+00:00

Buffalo Flood Systems is a brand of flood mitigation products designed to be the most robust and reliable solutions on the market. The range includes residential and commercial flood mitigation products, and have been installed around the world.

Is my door or barrier guaranteed not to leak?  2017-11-20T15:38:04+00:00

It is important to note flood mitigation products do not turn your property into a submarine. They will significantly reduce the ingress of water and any potential damage, and under BSI standards, the allowable leakage is 1 litre per hour.

Are all your products Kitemarked?2017-11-20T15:37:43+00:00

Some of our products are Kitemarked, however, all of our products are tested to PAS 1188-2014. This is the typical conditions expected in a UK flood event.

How do I store my barrier panels when not in use?2017-11-20T15:43:59+00:00

In a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

Do you offer supply only?2017-11-20T15:39:03+00:00

Yes we offer supply only, UK and worldwide. We provide instructions how to install barriers and doors, and a competent joiner will be able to install.