The Flood Company’s WAR non return valve is the only universal, retro fit, non return valve with the all-important WRcTM approval.

WRc ApprovedTM is an international ‘fitness for purpose’ certification scheme run by WRc plc to help suppliers demonstrate the performance of their products and services. Buyers can have confidence in WRc Approved TM  products, reducing risks in procurement. Quality, performance and installation are all covered in the assessment of the product or service. The extensive and rigorous testing methods undertaken demonstrate the products compliance against existing standards.

WAR Non-Return Valve WRc Approved

The WAR valve can be used on any 110mm plastic or/4” clay pipe and chambers. The key benefit of this revolutionary product is that due to its unique shape, fins and design, it can be easily retro fit into any existing 110mm or 4” inspection chambers in seconds. Saving time and money. The valve has several advantages over other valves on the market with its unique shaped flap which allows the valve to open clear of sewer walls on both straight and bent inlets, making it the Worlds most universal and cost effective Non Return Valve on the market today. This innovative product, , designed and manufactured in the UK, offers protection from flooding as well as rodents and noxious fumes due to its water tight seal and integrated stainless steel flap.

You can view the WAR Valve’s WRc Approval Certificate by clicking here. 

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