We work with a specialist team at Sandfield Penstock Solutions that have been at the forefront of innovation in designing, manufacturing and implementing water pollution prevention solutions for more than twenty years.

They are cited as the inventors for most of the effective water pollution prevention products in use today including the Envirovalve Flapstopper™, ToggleBlok™, DrainBlok™ and DoorBlock™.

All of the products Penstock Solutions supply have been designed and tested in the field to meet the very real water pollution challenges of customers. They understand that most often cost and disruption is a prohibitive factor in addressing water pollution issues. For this reason the solutions that provided are the most cost effective and least disruptive on the market, often saving customers more than 70% of the cost of more the more traditional products provided by competitors.

The range of water pollution products supplied by Sandfield Penstock Solutions includes:

  • Automated Water Pollution Containment Devices
  • Portable Water Pollution Containment Devices
  • Environmental Monitors and Sensors

If water pollution prevention, spill containment and CIRIA c736 compliance is currently a consideration for you please visit their website via the button below and they will be very happy to discuss their solutions with you.

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