Residents of Ripponden in Calderdale West Yorkshire have spoken of their shock after a flood swept through their street.

Fire crews were called to Ripponden at 12.05am on Tuesday morning following reports that fast flowing water was cascading from a burst culvert.

Appliances from Halifax and the water rescue crews from Brighouse attended, along with a boat from Brighouse which was called to assist with the possible evacuation of up to five properties.When they arrived they found three foot of water flowing down the road and moving cars.

One car had been pushed by the current into a guest house.

Trevor Craven, owner of the guest house, said: “It was absolutely horrendous, it was just gushing. The noise and sound of it was just awful, it woke our guests up.”

Firefighters and Calderdale Council staff protected properties with sandbags and it was decided by an emergency planner that no evacuation was required.

Much of the country is now on flood alert with wind and rain threatening to last into the Easter weekend.

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